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http://dreamsofsmithsson.tumblr.com/I was on the phone all the time while painting this one. Talking to beautiful inspiration… : : submission:


I was on the phone all the time while painting this one. Talking to beautiful inspiration…

 : : submission:

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She woke af.


She woke af.

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I think babies are pretty incredible. I’d rather hang out with the new edition than go to class.

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how the pussy should be eaten:

  • like it’ll pay off all their student loans.
  • like the key to happiness is buried in there.
  • like they’ll be granted a tax free life.
  • like they heard the fountain of youth was in there. 
  • like it’ll grant you three wishes for whatever you heart desires.  
  • like its the last supper and you trying to be the 13th disciple.
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Heard amazing stuff about these palettes !

That green😍



Heard amazing stuff about these palettes !

That green😍

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if ur disability activism doesn’t include addicts and people who don’t take their meds and people who will never be able to be Productive Members of Society????

it’s useless tbh

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Finally home

this weekend has been rough. lost my place so looking for a new one

gma’s ill and back and forth to the hospital

been spending way to much time around my mother for anyone’s health

my uncle’s death certificate finally came back so we have a cause of death

annnd icing to the cake is i lost all my shit cuz my phone did a factory reboot about an hour ago on the way home. everything’s gone. too tired to fix it

i have so much shit to do before monday

bleh bleh bleh complaints complaints complaints


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[sarahseeandersen] High-res



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Pms is literally the worst invention ever. All the tiredness and insomnia, sore back and boobs, the sads x100, the no appetite yet still bloated, and knowing days of pain are in your future ugh….

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when you see this, do at least 2 of the following:

  • drink some water
  • take a few deep breaths
  • stretch

and don’t forget to

  • eat, if you haven’t already
  • sleep, if you need to
  • take your medication, if you have any

please remember that you’re important and loved, ok, you’re amazing


MESSAGE!: Self-care tips! Thanks aboutanegra!

I keep reblogging these bc I forget to do them and I’m sure other ppl do too so here’s a reminder friends

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I never want to forget that quote.

Dat Arabic poetry yo

This hits home

This has been the most beautiful and changing quote for me for the past three years. It is everything to me. Joy and Sorrow is everything to me. 

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Purple Curls

hair goals



Purple Curls

hair goals

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A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you.
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Dear followers,

  • have you eaten today?

  • did you take any meds you need?

  • how about hydration?

  • maybe a nap if you need one

  • you are awesome

  • keep it up

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Rihanna makes me wanna show my titties man who wanna see my titties

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